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Q: Do I need any other entertainment or activities for my child's party?
A: Absolutely not! When I came to your party, you don't need much else. Kids love to watch! However, numbers are also given to the children so they don't have to wait on line. As they are waiting their turn, they can do the crafts that I also bring, which are chosen according to their ages. Or, if you prefer, you can choose to do your own alternate activies which you have planned.

Q: Are the paints safe?
A. Yes, I use only professional paints which are non-toxic and hypoallergenic.

Q. What supplies do I need?
A. I bring my own supplies, making it as easy and convenient for you as possible. For indoor parties, all I need is a table to work from. (If you don't have one, just let me know and I will bring my own.) A second table for crafts will also be needed. For outdoor parties, I have my own table with a festive umbrella to keep the children out of the sun while they are being painted.

I also provide games for the children and some of them may need additonal space. For example, the parachute game requires enough space to accommodate the parachute and the children around it. If space is limited, just let me know as I can plan on games that do not take up additional space.

Q: How much time do you actually spend with the children at the party?
A: I will stay as long as it takes to paint all of the children's faces and to provide the activities agreed upon. Most parties run from 2 1/2 to 3 1/2 hours, depending on the package and number of children.

Keep in mind that I am very flexible and we can arrange a party that meets your requirements.

If you have any more questions, call me at 845-638-2681 or email me here.

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